I scheduled a repair for a wii u that has Vwii bricked

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    so just now on the phone i called nintendo for repair since i owned the wii u for 14 days nintendo said they would repair it for free the vWII mode is bricked so i said the vWii mode has stop working and they told me a few things like try unplugging and plugging back up i did what they said knowing it would not work because vWII is bricked so they said i can have free repair and i was happy but will they find the homebrew channel?


    also i didsNOT tell them it was bricked
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    Well, before the Wii U there was a Wii, and if a Wii got sent to Nintendo for repairs they charged double what they normally charged if they found homebrew installed on it, or flat out refused to repair it. Good luck with your endeavors.

    They will find it if they look for it.
  3. Nathan Drake

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    Yeah, if they can recover it and they find homebrew, they may very well just send you a broken system back and tell you that you voided your warranty. Well, I'm sure they would call you before sending it back and charge you the standard repair price. This is why you should be really careful messing with things that void your warranty.
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    It would be a crap shoot. If the WiiU side works fine, sometimes they'll pursue a repair. Sometimes they'll just chuck your unit and send you a refurb. Though it doesn't take much to look at the Wii System Menu and see it's been modified.

    My bets though are on no repairs. Since you said it was to be repaired for free, there's incentive to figure out the issue since it will cost them money. Usually if they find signs of modification, they'll just send the unit back with a letter explaining why they refused it.
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    whats the standard repair price?
  6. Pepois

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    Just for you to know, I sent a bricked-vWii Wii U last December for repairs with only like 5 days or so left before the warranty would expire. Here's my story.

    The cause: I stupidly, ermm accidentally installed a Wii-only IOS80 version to my vWii. I've already had issues updating the Wii U's system. I was suspicious it was related to a patched IOS inside the vWii, since from what I read, this new update somehow was trying to either install, hash check and/or update some IOS(es) inside the vWii, since once updated, it added a couple of new enhancements to the vWii. Also, without this update you were completely tied hands and feet down by not being able to connect to Nintendo's servers on the Wii U side. This meant NO online activity whatsoever; eShop, Netflix, playing online, etc., etc. This update was mandatory! If you wanted to do something as basic as to be able to connect online, you needed to update, period! Back then, this was something totally unheard of, never before had an update affected the vWii side. And so there was very little, almost non-existent info on the matter. Nonetheless, I overread this one thread that, had I read it thoroughly, it would have given me the answer to my prayers.

    So the first thing I thought was that perhaps my vWii's menu IOS80 was the culprit since I remembered patching it in order to be able to install and run all the Wiiware and Virtual Console goodies I had into the SD channels section within the vWii's Wii menu (NAND). So it became clear to me that what I needed was to reinstall a clean IOS80. Spontaneously, almost like magic, the NUS downloader app popped into my head, it had saved me before when I used to own a Wii. You see, NUS and I, we both share a story of our own, having fought together in countless great epic battles and tasted the flavor of victory with triumph after triumph back in the good all days, hence somehow, something inside me really wanted NUS back. It was telling me "go NUS" but actually little did I know I was on the path to going "nuts". Then I had this deja vu momentum where I was convinced that I had seen a vWii section within the NUS downloader app sometime, somewhere before; thus I was certain NUS was also vWii compatible; it isn't! it wasn't! it has never been nor will it be!

    To add to the confusion, before installing this new clean IOS80 provided by NUS, and as a precautionary measure, I decided to go on and compare my patched vWii IOS80 version with NUS' latest IOS80 version using Wii Mod's IOSs managing feature. I selected my installed-and-patched vWii IOS80 and focused on the line that said "Latest: v6944", it was the exact same version as the NUS IOS80's. Even though there was this other line that said: "Version installed: v7200" I rested on the fact that v6944 was the latest and since it was mentioned here inside the properties of my vWii patched IOS80, it had to be vWii compatible... boy was I wrong. But really, the bottom line is: I don't know why on earth I thought IOS80 was a vWii exclusive IOS. Bad assumption! It just so happens that there is an IOS80 for the Wii 4.3's system menu as well! but with a different, lethal, non-compatible version that will undoubtedly brick and bring to its knees even the strongest of vWiis out there.

    The outcome: Long story short, either Nintendo couldn't access the vWii mode, didn't want to, or they were just in a hurry to dispatch all queued repair orders... either way, a few days later, I was shipped a brand new-refurbished unit. Call it a stroke of luck but I guess I'll never know if in the end I was just a very lucky chap or if there was really no way for them to find out, who knows?!

    My two cents
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    Since the repair is free and 2X0=0 it should still be 0 if they charge double for the repair XD #seemslegit.

    But seriously, just hope that they dont inspect the contents of you vWii NAND. If they do, they'll either refuse to fix it or charge you an awful lot for the repair/replacement
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    yah maybe they will just send you another refurbished (or refurbitch?..nah i think its refurbished..or else it makes it sound like a women who couldnt stop shaving her arm-pits...anyway...) without even messing with your console (for now..)..or maybe they will.. if they do see the homebrew channel, they might call you back and say:

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    Been there, done that. (Except my vWii wasn't bricked; the Wii U simply would not update). I sent it in with homebrew on it. Since it was under warranty, they didn't charge anything. They sent me a refurb, no questions asked.

    The people posting here are making assumptions based on how things went with hacked Wiis. That is simply not the case anymore. Nintendo does not seem to be highly concerned about investigating for homebrew on vWii. Several other people have posted on here with experiences similar to mine. Not everyone is so lucky, but don't let the cynical posters frighten you.
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    I sent mine in with Homebrew on it. It had stopped turning on and had the red blinking light. They sent it back with a letter implying that they had not fixed it and since it had Homebrew on it they said it was out of warranty. It seems to have been fixed but the letter explained that they would not be liable for any other issues should they arise.