I Need Help Guys!

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    Hey there Tempers'
    I need some help, I was planning on selling my 360, but first I wanted to see if I could in fact flash it.
    I have a Mac that dual boots Windows XP. My 360 is a Hitachi drive, and I found this (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Apricorn+-+SATA-to-USB+Hard+Drive+Adapter/1004931.p?id=1218207316255&skuId=1004931) on the Best Buy website.

    I read on (360mods.net) that a Hitachi Drive can be flashed with a SATA-USB Adapter. If I can boot into Windows and installed all the necessary files ect. Could I flash my 360 (Hitachi) with a Macbook using a USB-SATA Adapter?