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    I need your feedback on my latest Windows 8 app: Kickstarter Browser. The thing is, I just got it release just to have a initial release but I need feedback on it. It's easy to feel satisfied with your app because you are familiar with it. I do have a general idea where I want to go with the app (adding twitter share, add favorites) but as far as GUI I'm not really sure. So any critic is welcome to just post here, perhaps even screenshots if there is anything specific you want to point out. If you have good things to say you can also review it windows 8 store. (Please do not post reviews/low stars saying it's shit, remember this is just my first release and I will improve it over the coming months using your feedback) If you give me feedback which I'll use to improve the app I will, if you want, add you to a thank you list in the App description.

    As far as adding, login/pledging from the apps etc. there are no official Kickstarter API and the API I'm using is VERY restricted as it's not suppose to used by any third party. (shhh. ;))

    Anyway, please give me feedback and I will be very thankful. :)