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    The Situation(No, this is not Jersey Shore bullshit);
    I'm working for my father now and we are doing outdoor services type work (stump grinding, lawn care, other stupid shit). The bussiness is new, but he's run these type of companies for over 30 years. He used to always do the time sheet on a piece of paper pinned on the wall. My dad also tend to write a LOT of paper notes with things each employee (only 4 employees) has to do or complete for the objective of that day or week, or chore that needs to be done to a particular piece of equipment.

    My father is EXTREMELY OCD anal about how he does things normally, but these scattered pieces of paper that don't get seen or get lost or de-prioritized and miz that with him starting from scratch all over again, I REALLY want to make things better.

    My background;
    I did a lot of QBASIC programming back in my day. I've done some PICAXE programming (Based upon BASIC). I've ever so slightly played with VB.NET (2010). I understand some of the basic principals for vb.net. I understand code for FOR...NEXT, DO...LOOP, IF..END IF, ASC(), CHAR(), LEN(), and how to do things like Me.Enabled=True, or Textbox1.Text="Hello World", plus some other random and basic (pun not intended) type code.

    What I already done;
    I've already have the interface for Form1, and what it consists of is the current time and date, and a textbox for the user to enter in their User ID# and an OK button.

    What I need to do more that I am already lost on;
    I need to make the app so I can store users (which the amount can be variable), Their time in and out (which can be mon through fri or even sat and sunday, with a 4 week history), Their specific tasks (which can be 1 task or 28, it variable), detailed notes about those tasks, and even tasks for each piece of equipment.

    File writing and reading is so much more complicated in VB.net than it is in QBASIC. I need to understand how to write a file and read a file that has variable users, tasks, whatever, and seperate them to the specific use. I've looked at some basic examples, and they don't tell me enough that I can easily work with.

    Other things I'd like to add down the road if easily possible;
    Make someone be able to call a phone number to the modem that this computer uses and have the person enter their user ID and have the app clock them in, clock them out, or verbally tell them their chores (this one is way further down the road).

    What I need from those that know this coding;
    I don't want things handed to me on a silver platter, but at least a good point in the right direction so I can understand and learn it for myself would be great. I would like for an experienced person to let me know what is my least convoluted path to make this all happen. My priority is data saving and data loading.

    My thanks;
    Thank you to anyone that gives me help or advice. I'd hate to join another forum if the wonderful members here are capable of helping me.
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