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Oct 24, 2017
Hello! A few months back I bought an used 3DS and it came with Pokémon Y. Last time I played a Pokémon game to completion was with Yellow, and I was eight years old, and I was cheating to hell and back since that was on NO$GMB. My Pokémon probably got diabetes from eating so many Rare Candies. So yeah, time passed.

I'm not much of a Pokémon game fan, despite actually liking Game Freak a lot, some of its lesser known games (Drill Dozer, Pulseman) and specially its creators. However, upon playing the Sun Demo (I was trying to free some space in my SD card) I actually managed to have some fun after changing the game to Spanish. The English script wasn't cutting for me since the writing is obviously aimed towards little children, but changing the language actually made it so I had to pay attention to the story. Since then, I decided to give the games a shot - specially my already owned copy of Y.

I do, however, have some questions.

1) I had already started a save file on Y when I bought the 3DS, but that was in English. After playing the Sun demo in Spanish, I realised I'll most probably have more fun if I can change the language. However, the game very plainly stated I could not change language once starting. I had already grown fond of my party of obviously-rudely-named portable creatures, and as such didn't want to give them up.

What are my options here? Can I somehow hack the game or change something with a save file editor to change the language, my name and gender, and so on? If not, is there any way I can keep my Pokemans somehow? I've heard of something called a Pokémon Bank a few years back, what the hell is that? Do I have to pay? Is there a free version? Mind you, I don't know squat about the Pokémon games and the last time I watched the anime Ash was still a 10-year old.

2) I intend to play the 3DS games, and no other ones, so no need to recommend Black 2 or something like that. I might also play a different language to every one of them, trying stuff like French and Italian and so on (perhaps even Japanese - I noticed the language selection screen for Japanese only had hiragana so it's probably a good game to start on such language). I do, however, know there are two different versions of the Sun and Moon games; regular and Ultra. Which ones should I play, the original or the Ultra one? Are there many differences? Is it the same continent, is it different, what's so different about it? Despite wanting to play some Chimpokomon games I don't really have the time to play them all, so I don't intend on playing both. That being said, which one should I play?

3) I played the Sun and Moon demo. Got the Ash-Smash-Fighter thingy or whatever as well as some jolly items. Would like to transfer them to the full version when I play it, probably early 2035. However, I would like to delete the demo now to save some space. Can I delete the demo, keep and save and reinstall the game later if and when I play Sun? If so, can I make one of those 3DS backups I do when deleting content, or should I go for Checkpoint instead?

I guess that's all. Mostly looking towards a way of saving my previously owned Pokemans while also changing the language. Any Pokketo Monsta knowledge that it's too nerdy and may help and old fart like me enjoy the games (like what the hell is a Pokémon Bank) is appreciated. Thanks!
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May 23, 2016
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Heyo! For this situation, you can use Pokemon Bank but you do have to pay for it. From what I know it's not too expensive.
However, if you have a hacked 3DS, you could use the app PKSM instead so you can keep your Pokemon within a storage for free, reset your save so you can start it in Spanish, and bring your Pokemon back into your party.

As for Pokemon SM vs USUM, the Ultra games have new Pokemon, the ability to catch a wider variety of Legendaries, and more villains to fight. I'm still playing through it, however I noticed that certain story segments are changed from the original, making it less impactful story-wise. But that isn't too much of a big deal if you're just playing for the gameplay.

As for Ash-Greninja from the Special Demo, you're able to transfer him through Pokemon Bank or PKSM, just like I said earlier
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