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    May 10, 2007
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    I have currently a Nintendo DS Phat. I have an r4+2gb microsd, and i have another 1gb microsd that i am not using. I am interested in buying a Slot 2 device that uses the spare microSD card (i also have a microsd to Minisd converter shell).

    2 Questions:
    If i buy this:
    am i Guarrenteed to get that GBA shell with it? Because if it doesn't come with it then it's not worth it. I know it says it comes with it, but i want to be sure. Has anyone ordered it from there?
    I would like to get this one because i might some day get a NDSL and i would like to have those extra shells just in case.

    Also, if I get a M3 miniSD is it just as good as the M3 lite? Does it stick out at all?

    Thanks for your time.