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    Where to start... Oh boy!

    I am not your average novice user or advanced repair man. I specialize in software (Programming, etc) but I'm not lost when it comes to hardware. I know my way about building computers, etc.

    Basically I've caused the impossible to happen, and not just once. At times it just happens, and at other times I can sort of make it happen. Bare with me gbatemp, I know you'll probably think I'm a troll. No, sorry, this isn't the EoF today! I'm just so frustrated with my 'ability' that I may consider giving up on computer work.

    What is my "curse?"
    My 'curse' as I'll be calling it from now on, is that I'm able to destroy and repair certain computer parts without ever being inside them.

    The USB Port Killer
    1) On one of my first builds I ever completed by myself was my current ASRock Z77 Build. After completing my machine, my front-right USB 3.0 (ASRock) port never functioned. I figured I had just received a defective connector and ignored it. Ironically I may have caused this without knowing
    2) One of my dad's i5 computers (he's had it for four years) has always functioned without a problem. (He specializes in IT for a hospital) Then I bumped into his computer while he was on it. (Light brushing, not smashing into it or anything) Everything seemed fine. However when he tried the right usb port it didn't work. We shrugged that off as a coincidence, as the USB port was old and literally brushing by it couldn't have damaged it.
    3) While helping a friend reinstall Windows through a USB stick (this time the back left on the MB) I was near the front USB ports. After Windows installed his front RIGHT USB port didn't work. I told him the irony of the situation, considering this had happened three times now.

    SSD Problems
    1) While working with a few expert IT guys they determined a few SSDs they were given to repair were completely shot. Intel tools would not pick them up, nothing detected them, etc. They told me I could take them apart if I was bored, however I gave it one last shot. I plugged it into a nearby computer and nothing happened. It was dead. However, as I was going to unplug it I felt a jolt in my hands as I touched the SSD. It felt like the drive had a pulse. (weird description, but that's the only way I can explain it) Just for SnG I gave it another try. Much to everyone's shock it worked. They declared they made a mistake and tested the other two a few more times. Nothing worked. Jokingly, the intern that was with us suggested I use my 'magic' to revive it. I went ahead and tried the shock thingy again and to everyone's surprise it worked. I even got the last one to work too. I was accused of being a computer god. It was pretty funny, but I didn't really consider this to be in play with my previous killing of equipment.

    2) TODAY [1/5/20134* Thanks pyromaniac123 :P] - I personally run on a SSD and have used my 'curse' to revive it (Someone gave it to me as it was broken) Today, I unplugged my SSD and plugged in another broken one to fix the broken one. Using my 'curse' I fixed it. However, after unplugging everything and replugging in my personal SSD my computer refused to boot. "BOOTMGR IS MISSING FROM THE SYSTEM PRESS CTRL+ALT+DELETE to reboot"

    How could unplugging my drive to fix another one cause BOOTMGR to go missing? I rebooted six times and still the same message showed. Replugging it in didn't help either. So I tried my 'curse' and bam! It worked again!

    I am almost convinced what I'm dealing with here isn't just a coincidence anymore. I really can fuck up and fix computer parts that are deemed completely broken. I never failed to fix a 'broken' drive.

    Any ideas? I still have two drives to do and I will gladly make a video of my 'curse' to show the impossible being done. It doesn't make any sense!
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    Any ideas? I have one: do you work for billywitchdoctor.com ?
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    Stay away from my computers..... :blink:
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    Wrong year :lol:
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    I've had some similar experiences. However, it's best to stick to tried and tested methods when it comes to computer repair. The magic that fixes one problem may very well just cause another problem.

    I've also seen someone curse a perfectly working computer to hell (literally every part dead). In the space of a month after I built it.
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    I'll go ahead and post a video of my method (maybe if you have a dead drive go ahead an try it to see if anyone can do this) sometime next week.
    I'll post here again then.