I have a 4.5.0-4U 3DS and NONE of the hacks available to me actually work.

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    I already have a fully hacked o3DSXL on boot9/luma 11.4. What I'm trying to do now is hack a 4.5.0-4U o3DS.

    doesn't work because the browser's too old (needs to be 7U or higher).

    The in-browser hacks also don't work (safeb9 crashes to home and launcher.dat crashes hard) for the same reason.

    I tried to install oot3dshax using my already hacked o3DSXL, but it won't download the payload (error fffffe) because it's no longer on smea's server's (or something like that). If it helps, the cia installed homebrew launcher I'm using to install the hack with (on my hacked o3DSXL) is 2.8 beta with the 11.4 payload I got from a gbatemp thread.

    I found the offline oothax, but it doesn't give enough information about which payload I need for my 4.5.0-4U system and where to put the files on the SD card, so I'm stuck there.

    I even have a supercard DS onei mini, but it was blacklisted and I can't whitelist without hacking first.

    3ds.guide also tells me that soundhax doesn't work if the unit is updated via cart instead of online, because the carts don't update the sound app and the sound app is only hackable on 7.0 firmware and up or something. So that's also not an option. see: https://3ds.guide/homebrew-launcher-(soundhax)

    I can't believe I have all these entrypoints at my disposal, but my 3DS is in a magical slim window of shitty firmware that makes it incompatible.

    I have a number of options at this point, the way I see it.
    1. Inject a 4.5.0-4U compatible already hacked ninjhax save (I have cubic ninja) using jksv if someone could upload one
    2. Inject a 4.5.0-4U compatible already hacked oot3dshax save (I have oot3ds) using jksv if someone could upload one
    3. Get the oothax installer to work (requires 4.5.0 otherapp payload, I guess?) if someone could help me find the files I need
    4. Meet someone in austin, tx with a DS flashcart that isn't on the blacklist so I can do the MSET (I hate to buy another flashcart when the one I have is a really good one and just needs to be whitelisted)
    5. Find another browserless-compatible hack besides mset and soundhax that doesn't require me to buy something or hardmod.

    If it helps, I can surely go to gamestop, buy any number of $5 9.x firmware games, and update. But it won't enable browserhax based exploits, and it won't make soundhax start working. although, I'm not really sure how that would help as far as oothax or ninjhax goes. Since my browser, etc.
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    I'm so high, I don't even know!
    Either keep trying the browser exploits or try the troubleshooting steps and then try them again.
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    If you can't get the payload to work on first try from browser it's completely fine. For some of the payloads it took me up to 15 attempts to even get into the HBL with both my 3DS's so just keep trying and eventually you'll get it.

    And as mentioned in the previous comment, go over the troubleshooting steps