Bounty: (Hopefully) Simple ROM Hack for Shinobi 3DS

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Jun 13, 2013
United States
I hope this is both clear and allowed. I want to pay someone to do a romhack of Shinobi for 3DS (NA copy). My request is hopefully a simple one; All I want is a modification which completely removes the opening tutorial sequence at the beginning of a new game. Please watch the linked video below from 00:25 to 3:16 to see the full opening sequence:

As it is, the game doesn't let you skip that sequence on a new game under any circumstances. You are forced to see it every single time you start a new game. When you are restarting constantly as you try to beat the game on Very Hard, it gets really annoying, and so I'd like to see that tutorial sequence removed completely.

And so, my request is for someone to make a ROM hack of Shinobi 3DS (NA copy) in which starting a new game goes directly into the first level.

If you are a 3DS ROM hacker who thinks that they can help me with this, then please send me a PM. Ideally, you will also show me some other rom hacking that you have done (link to a project on github/in another thread/in a video, whatever you choose) and let me know how much you would want in order to do this job. I hope you can give me a fair shake and that we can make something work for us. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.
Not open for further replies.

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