Homebrew Got an 2DS pre hacked and now I don´t know where to go...


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Aug 25, 2021
So I got an old 2DS already hacked from a guy. Problem is...he already got it from another dude so even himself don´t know what's installed on it in terms of hacks and things like that, he only played what was already there.
But I can confirm the 2D is hacked since it have a lot of games and emulators on it. All of them working well. Problem is...I don't know how the first owner put the games there...I mean, i may have an idea since it have the freeshop installed on it and the newest game on the 2DS is pokemon Ultra Sun, an 2017 title. My guess is the guy just stop using the 2DS after Nintendo killed the freeshop app and sold it.

So I checked the 2DS to see what's there and it only have an old LUMA3DS updater wich doens't work anymore. Every time I try to open it he kinda gives me an error crashing the system and makes me need to turn the 2DS off and on again. I saw something about an Rosalina menu or something like that on the internet too that I guess is used to launch homebrew launcher. I can confirm it's installed on this 2DS too since if I follow the steps they teach online on how to access it I can enter the Rosalina menu and choose the option to open the Homebrew launcher...problem is that the homebrew launcher doens't open and again...give me another error.
Sorry if I can't give more precise informations, I'm just a complete noob in 3DS hack. All I know is that I guess I should install FBI to be able to install cias on my 3DS since I saw some people that have hacked 3Ds using it but...how should I procceed now?

I'm lost about what should I do....since 3DS have a lot of methods of hacking and I read some of them could have an conflict if you make an wrong installation and end up bricking the 3DS. Can someone please help me and tell me what I can do in order to install new games on this 2DS?
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