I forgot the name of these arcade games!

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Aug 22, 2013
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I am trying my best to remember these games, but I was 9 when I played them :(

First game: FOUND! Reactor
- The graphics were very simple. By that I mean that there was a black background and an arena, shaped like a geometrical figure, you (a dot, or another geometrical shape, very tiny) and your enemies (once again, very tiny)
- The goal of the game was to go against these enemies and push them against the border of this arena
- There was no music. However, I remember odd sound effects going on, like I've never heard from any other game

Second game: FOUND! Dynamite Dux (thanks to Depravo)
- It was a 2D, cartoony-style beat 'em up
- The main character was a Woody Woodpecker clone (I think)
- You are trying to save your girlfriend (like any beat 'em up ever :P )

Third game: FOUND! Psychic 5 (thanks to Thug)
- It was a 2D platform game with 5 characters: a kid, a girl, a skinny kid, a fat kid and an old man. You played as the regular kid at first, but when you found the others trapped into a glass bottle
- You could see all of them and their special skills (the kid being balanced, the girl hovering better, the skinny kid jumping higher, the fat kid being strong, and the old man being SUPER strong) if you didn't start the game and the demo was going on
- Every character had its own music theme
- To change a character, you needed to get into a phone boot

Fourth game: FOUND! Super Basketball
- It was a 2D game about basketball
- There was voice announcing things. What I remember is the countdown (ten, nine, eight...)
- You had to keep pressing a button in order to bounce the ball on the floor and run. That's why it was my favorite basketball game

Fifth game: FOUND! Penguin Wars (thanks to HtheB)
- You are a penguin
- You are playing a tournament
- The game is you vs another animal, trying to throw as many balls as possible to your opponent until the timer runs out

Sixth game: FOUND! Mikie (thanks to Depravo)
- You are a kid in a school
- The first level is about kicking your classmates off their chair in order to get hearts but you need to be careful because the teacher keeps going around the classroom trying to get you

Pls help
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