Hacking HVCA NES emulator tutorial


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Jul 15, 2019
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It isn't really clear how to install HVCA for the gba on a modern flash cart. In a recent thread, @rosmander and I found a solution:

I found the solution here:


I have followed all the steps of the tutorial and the rom works perfect, even has the option of save/load states.

What I did was download HVCA 1.40 from here:


and then insert in the folder add the rom of nes in question along with its configuration file included in the folder cfg since for that game is necessary, both rename them with the same name and each file with its corresponding extension and run the file "merge.bat", the resulting file hvca.bin rename it to my liking keeping the extension and everything works correctly. You can even put more roms together in case you have problems in pocketnes with them but as I was only interested in that one, meti only punch out.

When you start the emulator for the first time asks you to confirm some options, that in my case always select in the two questions that makes you the first option and we enter the emulator menu with the injected roms, execute and play. To enter the emulator menu by pressing L is enough and we will see all available options. That if to exit the emulator and load another emulator or roms it is necessary to turn off the console, since, it does not give option to exit to the main menu of EZ Flash Omega.

To clarify, he's talking about Punch out! because he was trying to get the game running on the gba as this was from his childhood. But, PocketNES has limited compatibility with some games, and (most games don't) but some games break, like Punch Out!.
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