How to write amiibo files to NFC tags using Arduino IDE

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    Hi, I figured I would write this up in case people were having issues with Amiibomb. This is essentially, how to write amiibo to NFC using Arduino IDE.

    1.) First, get some NFC215 tags:
    then, download Arduino IDE if you don't have it already:

    2.) Download necessary Arduino files: download 'Write_amiibo.ino' within the 'Write_amiibo' folder in the GitHub link:
    Also, download the 'sketch_may22a.ino' file here:

    3.) Wire up your Arduino exactly as it is set up at the start of the amiibomb thread:

    4.) First, make sure your board shows up and is connected properly and correctly under Tools->Board and Tools->Port in Arduino IDE, then open the 'sketch_may22a.ino' file in Arduino IDE, upload to board by hitting the circular button with the right arrow at the top left of the program. After it says done, hit Tools->Serial Monitor to view the printout of the code. Hit 'CTRL + C' to copy the UID number in the prinout after it shows up and you select it. (Note, UID numbers are unique for every NFC215 tag.)

    5.) Click the first link in this google search, AKA the heranbago one and download 'key_retail.bin' off of that site to use for any amiibo being made:

    6.) Go to nfc-bank or some other site and download the amiibo.bin files you want, then use this site to input UID number received in the previous program, along with the 'key_retail.bin' file and the amiibo.bin file you found. Next, hit submit and copy to clipboard for the window that pops up. Site to go to:

    7.) Now, open up the 'Write_amiibo.ino' file previously downloaded from the GitHub link. and paste that slew of values under the code comment that says '// >>> Paste your dump here <<<'

    8.) Upload the code, then open Tools->Serial Monitor, then place NFC tag on your reader and wait till the program says the writing is finished.

    9.) Enjoy!

    If anyone has any questions, or I mistakenly included anything that goes against gbatemp terms of service, feel free to comment and let me know ASAP and I'll edit my post accordingly.
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    Amiibombuino doesn't work 1 bit. v2 or v3. This method at least works. THANKS!! but... is there anything I can download to do this offline?
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    EDITED: The original post is now under a spoiler tag because I finally found the processor chip for my Uno R3. It works perfectly for the Uno, just not for the Mega.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    umm... wrong thread. This is NOT the place for Amiibomb-uino. This is for using the Arduino IDE.

    All Amiibos I tried so far work except for 1. A Powersaves wolf link (20 hearts). What has to be done differently to make it work? Do I need to remove extra bytes from the dump with a hex editor first?

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    my udid is 8 characters :/ does that mean my card isnt 215?

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