How to use LayeredFS?

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    Ok folks and yolks, i need some 3DS modding knowledge so i once again require the guidance of you guys once more.

    So i've recently dl'ed FE:Fates birthright (like it so far BTW) and i found a few mods that work with NTR CFW. But they are LayeredFS based. So how do i use it? The internet's been pretty vague about it from what i've searched.

    So tell me, how do i use it and please don't skim over any detail. I wanna make sure i do this correctly without failure.
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    Really? Because the first result when searching for LayeredFS on google links to @Asia81's tutorial explaining quite clearly how to use it.
    The titleID can be obtained from 3dsdb.

    That said, I'd encourage you to use @PabloMK7's OnionFS instead.

    Ordinarily the folder that contains all of the modified files (named with the game's titleID) goes in your root directory, and then an empty folder with the titleID goes into the plugin directory, into that folder goes the LayeredFS.plg

    With OnionFS, the folder containing the modified files goes into the OnionFS folder, it's just a bit tidier, functionality wise it's better than LayeredFS too.

    Then like LayeredFS, you create an empty folder with the titleID goes in the plugin directory, and into that folder goes the OnionFS.plg
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