How to use Gateway Rom Save on Sky3DS ?

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    Nov 15, 2014
    I tried with PokemonAlphaSapphire for example, but i can't get it working
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    Mar 17, 2010
    Sky3DS uses 1MB saves, I think that's why GW saves won't work since they're 512KB.

    There's only one way to convert any cart save to any other and that's using SaveDataFiler.
    In this case, you'll have to dump the GW saves with SaveDataFiler in GW mode first (need it installed as CIA), following these steps for each game:
    Then use PastaCFW with SDF (or alternatively, NTR-CFW with its save plugin), select the correct game on the Sky3DS and use SDF to import the save you dumped earlier (using the SDMC menu in SDF)
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    May 10, 2015
    backup the pokemon game with a save to your pc using the diskwriter tool, then use the Card two save tool, extract the save outta there and do whatever you want with it
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    If a game is using old encryption (which is usually released before Oct 2013), then you can use the following method, if you don't have a Pasta/NTR platform:

    For old encryption 3DS game's 3DZ ROM users, or new encryption legit cart users:

    1. Get the 3DZ ROM (or legit cart)'s header.
    2. Use Sky3DS template editor to replace Sky3DS ROM's template with your header.
    3. Open 3DZ sav (or legit cart sav) & Sky3DS sav with hex editor.
    4. Replace Sky3DS sav's 0x58-0x80057 (if legit cart sav is 128KB, then 0x58-0x20057) with the whole 3DZ sav (or legit cart sav).
    5. Import both modified Sky3DS ROM and Sky3DS sav back to Sky3DS MicroSD.

    For old encryption 3DS game's 3DS ROM users:

    1. Use GatewayROMPatcher to import Sky3DS Template's header into 3DS ROM, or just dump Sky3DS with GW Launcher.
    2. Copy the modified 3DS ROM (you should have total 2 copies after this) and rename one of them into .3DZ.
    3. Rename your 3DS sav into 000400000FF40A00.sav.
    4. Mount 3DS ROM and use SaveDataFiler to export save.
    5. Mount 3DZ ROM and use SaveDataFiler to import exported save.
    6. Open 3DZ sav & Sky3DS sav with hex editor.
    7. Replace Sky3DS sav's 0x58-0x80057 with the whole 3DZ sav.
    8. Import both modified Sky3DS ROM and Sky3DS sav back to Sky3DS MicroSD.
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    If you have a 3DS on 9.2. You can use PastaCFW and SaveDataFiler. It's just easier that way. ;)

    (at least for CARD2 games anyways)