How to safe recover partition

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  1. Sathya

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    Nov 9, 2016
    in earlier, i have 500 gb hdd. 365 for data storage, & 99 gb for system. some times i wan to divide the partition from my 99 gb system partition with disk manager. and it work nice from 99 gb to 50 - 50 gb partition.
    but when i want to do the same thing on 365 gb partition, all of my data and this partition get lost, and this partition is lost too. not like earlier. And i recover it with easeus data partition recovery.
    now i want to take back my 365 gb partition. is it safe to do withour losing data on 50 - 50 gb partition? because i think this is same hdd.
    I want to try with software partition recovery. but is it safe without losing any data on earlier partition? Please help.