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    Different Region Flipnotes for your DSi Region


    Ok, i got very tired of looking through the internet just to keep hearing that you need 2 DSi consoles of different regions to do that, well like a lot of people we might not have the money to do something like that, well this guide is to help you get those pesky flipnotes from different regions now, enjoy :)

    what you need
    1. computer (with internet access of course)
    2. SD card reader
    3. Hatena account (not really needed, just in case you want to mark favs)
    4. DSi that is different region than what the flipnotes are (ie ~ US DSi & JPN Flipnotes)

    and we will be seeing alot of this link in the next few pieces, we are using this link as an example
     http://flipnote.hatena.com/[email protected]/movie/309313_0ADCDABEE755F_006

    (Japanese Flipnote Link)

    now, you are saying how do we download different region Flipnotes when the DSi is region locked, well its simple with this link below, we will be working with a lot:

    above this, you want to copy & paste it for later
    now as mentioned above this flipnote link here is a japanese flipnote i took a liking too, but i cannot download it because of the region of my DSi, well if you see the numbers before the @[member='DSI'], you want to copy that into the first part of the broken link, like so:

    unfinished & broken still
    but we are not finished, that link is still broken though, you are probably thinking get to the point ^__^
    for the second part, the line of numbers behind the (movie/) is the last set of numbers there to copy, but sometimes it will have a special character like a question mark or something else there, DO NOT COPY THAT

    so we got the second part we need, now go ahead and fill out the link, like so:

    Final Link:
    now save that file with the numbers and stuff, DO NOT CHANGE THE SAVE NAME, it will not work on the DSi if you do that

    ok, once that is done, you go into the private apps folder from the DSi and you should be able locate the flipnote folder by the name of the files should match up with the one you downloaded, then when you put it in there, go ahead and pop it into the DSi and there you go, a japanese flipnote on a US or EU DSi

    here is some photos of my file structure for my DSi, this a US region setup:

    {First Step}

    {Second Step}

    {Final Step} ~ Please take note on this photo please, could save you a headache

    if read properly, you should not run into any issues with this tutorial

    any questions & comments i will happily answer for this :) as it took me a little while to figure it out
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