How to make ips from PCEngine codes?

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    I'm looking for a trainer for Aldynes - The Misson Code for Rage Crisis, but I can't find any.
    I found this
    [8ce21667658ef9c025ad007f65147c6d] Aldynes (J) (SGX)
    R A 1 L 0 001f0222 02 INFINITE ENERGY
    R I 1 L 0 001f1068 04 INFINITE HELPERS
    R A 1 L 0 001f07e0 01 INVINCIBILITY
    But I have no idea how to insert that code to the rom.
    Is there any way to make ips out of it?
    The emualtor that I'm using does not have cheat options.
  2. Psionic Roshambo

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    I really have no clue how to do it, but I do know that you could look into NES code patching. There should be a lot more tools for the NES to do what your asking.

    After you get the tools you might need to trick the patch program into loading the NES ROM and then put your code into it and it should in theory spit out a modified rom with the codes. Try that in your emulator and see if it works?

    I would recommend keeping both versions of the ROM and naming one something like "Hacked *game name here*" some codes will crash a game at different points but can be useful for the rest of the game.

    (The reason I mention NES game patching is that the NES and the TurboGraphics are similar in some ways using the same CPU for example, so in theory it could work.... lol)
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