Hacking How To: M3 SD Mini + Passcard3


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Feb 16, 2008
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This is a little help for all those peeps who have to look all over to get some info on how to use Slot-2 based versions of the M3 + Passcard3, all others I do not know how to use because I'm still a noob myself.

This is my my first guide, so if there any errors... yeah! Feel free to write back with them.

Hardware Needed:
1. DS, DS lite (of coarse)
2. Passcard3
3. M3 CF, SD or miniSD, Lite
4. SD, CF, miniSD or microSD card (remember to Format to Fat32)
5. CF/SD PC Adapter

If your planing to purchase 2-4 there are many websties out there to buy them. Do yourself a favor and buy them in a bundle all together. I accidentally purchased them separately at http://www.realhotstuff.com/

Software Needed:
1. GameManager
2. M3 Firmware
3. DS/GBA Rom(s)

I highly recomend handheldsources.com, just go to http://www.handheldsources.com/Download_M3.html On this page click on the very right side of GameManager and under M3 SD English upgrade (which is the M3 Firmware) where it says (Download it). Or you just can search other places.


Step 1: Upgrading the software on the M3.
The very first thing you need to do is upgrade your M3 Firmware. Once you have download the M3 SD upgrade, extract it and put the extracted file in the root of your CF/SD (remember to format to Fat32 before adding anything). Then put your CF/SD in the M3 and M3 in you DS/DS Lite, also dont forget the passcard3. Start up your DS/DS Lite, you will see the passcard screen and then it will go to a black screen that will say "Find update file UPDAGCSD.E35. Press START to update system or press A to cancel." of coarse your going to press START (UPDAGCSD.E35. file might be different depending on what M3 firmware you have downloaded)
. Then it will change to "Updating..." might take a minute or two just give some time. After it has been updated it will say "Updated! Press A to continue." Simple, press A. Alright after that it will take you to a menu where you have many options, just go ahead and turn off your DS/DSLite and connect your CF/SD to your PC.

First step done!

Step 2: Adding DS/GBA Rom(s) with GameManager.

Part 1: installing GameManager
Very simple, just extract the file and install like any other program.

Part 2: Adding DS rom(s) on your CF/SD.

Once you have connected your CF/SD to your PC (it's a good idea remove the M3 firmware or every time you start your DS/DSLite it will ask to update), open the program GameManager to patch the rom. It will ask you to select CF or SD, just select the one you have (if you have Mini or Micro SD select SD). Then another small window will open to select language, just click ok. Alright on the next window you will see two sections, on the section to the left your going to find where your CF/DS is located. On the section to the right will show you whats on your CF/SD after you have selected it on the left section(it should be empty unless if your looking at the guide to add another rom). Click on Write NDS, a second window will open and here you have to load a NDS rom. Once you have located and selected a rom the window will close and it will open another window with tabs... OK here is the tricky part! You will mostly be dealing with the first three tabs... Main, Read Method and Rom Trim.

Main Tab:
Software Reset= This will reset back to your M3 menu so you dont have to reset your DS/DSLite, not availible for all roms.
Game in Chineese= (will update this later)
Same method for all games= (will update this later)
Read Method:
All these options have a different affect on how the rom will be read.
Rom Trim:
This option will remove garbage data from the rom that is not needed, it may lower the size of the rom between 1MB to 12MB

The tricky part about this is that you have to find out which settings are right for the rom you want to patch. Yes you will have alot of failures and disappointments. but I guess I did make this guide to be less of a hasle, alright, this is an extremely helpful website http://www.m3wiki.com/index.php/M3_NDS_roms This web site will tell you suggested settngs for specific roms, just scroll down and it will give you number sections. When you extract a NDS rom it should give you a four digit number in the name of the extracted rom file and use that number to look it up on that website. Alright, once you have checked the boxes of the required settings and click OK. It will then go back to the window with the two sections and if you notice the white bar of the bottom of that window it will be turning green about three times. The third time it will take the longest of all. After that bar loads up three times in green it will bring a very small window that should say WRITE OK!, just click OK. Remove your CF/SD from yor PC and put it in your DS/DSLite and turn it on. Give it a sec. to get to the main menu, then select the game option. There should be a picture related to the rom you patched on it, highlight it and press A then press A again and the game should start.
*NOTE* if this your first time patching a rom file, I would highly recomend that you choose an older rom file, the reason for this is that the newer rom files have issues and require more steps and more sofware. I will explain in a future update!


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