How to i get Nintendo system.cias?

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    ok so i just got the new gateway 3.2 all setup on my N3ds FW 9.0.0 but that did not go without failures.
    while trying for the first time i had my emunand sd in there and i installed the downgraded settings.cia to my EMUnand and now i need to reinstall the correct N3ds USA FW 9.0.0 settings.cia back to my emunand.
    is there a place i can download that?
    i heard something about 3DSNUS but is that what i need?
    i also obviously have a NAND backup from day 1 but as far a i know theres no way to explore 3ds NAND.bin on a pc to extract it.
    i'd really like to avoid replacing my emunand with stock and extract then replace emunands again -__-
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    UpdateCDN, FunkyCIA, CDNto3DS, there's quite a few of them.