Hacking How to get the backup save feature working?


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May 5, 2009
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Sakura allows you to:

a) have multiple saves (.sav, it should end in .1 and .2) you can switch between (or at least it should, Touchpod does and I'm pretty sure Sakura too)

b) revert to older versions of a save by pressing start in the Sakura menu while the game is highlighted, called the save restore menu

c) has a RTS function that allows you to save anytime in games.

However I don't remember how to set a) and b) up, B) works for only some games. Some older and newer games have the save restore function when you press select, others don't, so it seems a bit random. Whether games have RTS activated it or not, it has no effect on the save restore menu. Supposedly it got deactivated in some versions of Sakura, currently I'm running 1.49 second revision, I think, or the first one revision which should have it actvated again. But even all games I put on the SD card now and created a new save files are not equal, some have the save file restore menu, others don't.

Does anyone know how to make the save restore feature work for all games?

And how to switch between saves in Sakura, like the 1->default 2->default function works in Touchpod?

I'd check out the guide in the FAQ, but all links forwarding to a specific post in the thread don't work due to the new forum change, and after searching through x pages I gave up. Does anyone still have the user guide bookmarked and provide the link?
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