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    This was in the wrong section, moved to here

    I am not responsible for broken or damaged consoles!
    As many of you know, some joy-cons are having trouble connecting while they are not attached to the switch. Nintendo is fixing this for free, but if you don't want to wait, this is how you can fix it manually.

    The easy way
    1. Go to System Settings
    2. Choose “Controllers and Sensors”
    3. Select “Disconnect Controllers”
    4. Detach your controllers from the Switch
    5. Turn the console all the way off
    6. Turn the Switch back on and reattach the controllers

    The harder way

    [​IMG] that's it, if you want to stick a piece of conductive foam in there, be my guest.

    The hardest way

    i have next to no soldering knowledge, so here's a video to help you

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