How to edit sky3DS save files?

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    Feb 2, 2015
    Hey folks,

    I've been trying to mess with save files for a couple of hours, no luck so far. I'm trying to edit the save file for the game Digital Devil Summoner Overclocked.. First I had to convert the game to "None EEPROM" so I can backup and restore save files without a problem. Then I made two save files with a bit of different data in each.

    main character in the First save file:

    lv 3
    exp 39/42
    hp 42/42
    mp 16/16
    st 7
    ma 4
    vi 4
    ag 4

    Second save file

    lv 6
    exp 0/147
    hp 66/66
    mp 23/23
    st 9
    ma 4
    vi 5
    ag 4

    And I used hex editors to cross reference and compare... sadly I couldn't find any link between the two files.. So I'm guessing it's encrypted? Do you guys know a way to edit these files? And thanks in advance!