How to create Custom Banners for Metroid Prime Trilogy

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by alucard77, Nov 23, 2009.

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    Hi All,

    I have all my games in banners as they are quicker to load that way. The only games I don't currently have are the Metroid games. So I wanted to make the Metroid Prime Trilogy have custom banners for each of the three games. I understand that the best we can get is the alt-dol method, which is fine with me. This is what I was thinking:

    1- Have 3 copies of Metroid Prime Trilogy on my HD (It's big enough, so it can house all three)
    2- Use the Banners from the Japanese Games for the US releases
    3- Rename the TitleIDs so that they all point to the correct game when launching

    So I need to know a couple of things

    1- What program can I use to rename TitleIDs?
    2- What program can I use to create custom banners and have them be linked to a loader?
    3- Will this even work, what should I look out for?

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I did a search and didn't see anything like this asked.
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    I thought about doing this myslef but i cant find the Japanese Banners anywhere so if you do please PM me [​IMG]

    1- You dont need 3 copies of metroid prime trilogy on your HD, you can have the channel use a diff alt dol for each channel instead
    2- See above
    3- See Below

    1- Wadder does this for you pretty easily
    2- Either use Crap, or Loadstructer (Ive used Loadstructer before but not Crap so i reccomend it solely on that, maybe crap is better idk) both will get the job done
    3- Yes it will work, if only could get the japanese banners ^^

    I'd be willing to do it if i could find the japanese banners, let me know plz [​IMG]