How to Brick a PS3?

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    So i wanna be super cautious with the CFW PS3 that i'm getting and don't want to do anything stupid so i wanna know how is it possible to brick it?
    Is it possible to brick it with a PKG file? And what SHOULDN'T i do on the CFW PS3?
    Don't want to do anything stupid and brick the unit after a couple of months(or even days) after i get it.
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    Depends on what you're doing, but yes a bad PKG could brick a system (maybe not installing it, but running it could - aka old habib spoofer)

    Really, just be smart about what you're installing. Avoid moving between firmwares unless you're ready, or are properly flagged for QA and downgrading. Don't install anything that messes with the flash memory or run plugins you aren't sure about.

    It's safer to ask than be sorry. Especially with new CFW. No reason to jump on the latest FW released - you can do the same thing with tools on older FW.
  3. GamerzHell9137

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    Nov 1, 2011
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    Rogero 4.55 is the firmare that's gonna be on it but how could i be sure if the PKG is fine.... or a game that i *cough*found on internet*cough* .
    Could they brick the system too?
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    Hello!, unless hoy want to play psn games, or classics Ps1 / 2 games you wont need to use pkg files to play games. If you want to play those pkg games just get them from trusted source and then yo go! :).
    Ps: Allways try to get "clean" releasea of the games, without any patch or something like that because if you are thinking on play online (with an app like Sen enabler) the patched version of the game cuold tigger a bann from psn.
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    my dad works for nintendo.
    lol misleading tittle

    i assumed the guy wanted to break is brother or cousing ps3 as a revenge...
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    It's not a misleading title at all.
    It's a good title that's easier to search for noobies.
    So that they as well can learn what NOT to to to brick a PS3.
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    bricking the system by installing a pkg file shouldn't be possible. all the system is doing is storing the pkg information in the metadata via the sfo and transferring the content to a specific location; if there is no sfo, all the system is doing is the latter. however, yes, u can full brick a system by opening up an installed app. for example, there was a fake psp emulator that'd modify the hypervisor if opened resulting in a full brick.
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    It's a pretty silly question because whenever homebrew is concerned, there's usually one "right" way of doing things and an infinite amount of "bad" ways which may or may not lead to a brick. :rofl2:
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