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    Jun 9, 2018
    Make sure you still have a copy of flipnote studio of course.

    To access sudomemo, just go to the system settings in your DSi, then go to internet settings, click on your connection (If this is your first time connecting your DSi to the internet, consider choosing "Advanced Setup" because the normal connections probably won't be compatible with your router), choose "No" on "Auto-obtain DNS".
    Then press "detailed setup".

    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:

    Then save your settings and you're good to go!
    (Also if you didn't do the User Agreement in the internet settings, go do it once you connect to the internet.)

    If you want to upload your own flipnotes to sudomemo, go to flipnote hatena in-app, press "Creator's Room" and follow the instrucions.
    Note: If you create an account, it will be tied to your console (In other words, your Flipnote Studio ID)
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