How does SwapDoodle notes work?

Discussion in '3DS - Homebrew Development and Emulators' started by TLNiles, Aug 5, 2017.

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    Dec 26, 2016
    To be more precise - how sending/receiveing them works?

    So here I got that weird question, hoping that someone can explain it to me. Originally I though that SwapDoodles works similary as any message-sending service, like SMS - you send the message to someone, it gets saved on server and then server sends it to recipient once it appears online or something. Thus I expected all doodles being originally saved on same servers as the ones that check for your online status in Friend List, and thus to be able to receive doodles, you need to have friend code(so people would add you) and legit, unbanned LocalFriendcodeSeed(so you would actually stay connected to the servers and receive the content). But it appears that I was wrong. Rescently, public seed I was using appeared to be banned, and it doesn't looks like I'm getting replacement any time soon. Yet, I am still able to receive doodles(and it seems they're even coming to me now with lesser delay than before), even though technically my console shouldn't be able to stay connected with Nintendo servers due to existing ban on seed I am using. I know those bans doesn't affect NNID, I still have access to eShop and stuff, but I doubt that doodles are handled via eShop servers? If not - how do they pass, how does SwapDoodle learn that I am online and how it receives those doodles, even though I should stay offline 24/7?

    I'd love if someone with knowledge on that topic would clear it up for me. Not like it would really change anything, but I'm just following my curiousity.