How do I install CM 11 ?

Discussion in 'Android' started by Marco_Buns, Jul 13, 2016.

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    I just recently rooted my Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 so I can get FW 4.4. Reason why I want 4.4 is because so I can play Pokémon Go. So yeah, I rooted my phone and have no idea how to install it. I know that you need "custom recovery" but the thing which is pushing my away is that I think I need to factory reset it which I don't want do to. I know I can use Odin but not sure if I need to factory reset to use it correctly.

    So yeah, it would be great if you guys give me answers because, I am not good at finding answers on the internet.
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    You will need a factory reset. There's no way around it, unless you want your phone to be really really unstable
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    You will need to wipe your data, as you have root you can backup your data with Titanium Backup: - just be sure to then copy the backups to your PC.

    This guide looks to teach you how to flash a recovery on your phone:

    You can then choose a rom to flash from here:

    Just be sure when looking at the guide its for the regional variation of your phone, as regional variations seems to exist. If unsure try asking other owners of the Galaxy Ace 3 in this XDA forum sections: - you will get much better help there from people who actually own the phone.