Hacking How difficult is it to develop homebrew for the Vita?

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I'm interested in purchasing a Vita so I can develop homebrew (and play some games like Tearaway while I'm at it) and I'm wondering, is it difficult to develop homebrew for the Vita?
I guess I should also mention that I have very little programming knowledge, the only language I can program in is Perl, and I can't do much in it.


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Jul 16, 2016
The only documentation we have pretty much are the comments in the vitasdk headers (no tutorials or something like that).
More important no one has writen a proper GUI lib now (you have to write your own or copy from existing opensource homebrew).
I wouldn't recommend using vitsdk for a beginner programmer, but there is lua (plus) interpreter you could check out.
If you can't make yourself comfortable with the lua interpreter I don't see a non-painful way for you to develop for Vita atm.
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