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    Alright. My team for a college class needs to find cheap hosting. Every we look it seems we have to buy a whole year at a time. We just need it for 4-5 months as it just has to be a page with our team info and updates on progress.

    Any suggestions for cheap hosting that lets you buy months and not years?

    We found a site that does domain names that links to your site that links for a year for $5-$10, but we need hosting.
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    Mebbe They're a great company i've been with, and their lowest (the "beginner" package) is like $3.99/month (first 3 months free)... and if you only want it for 5 months, its really not a lot to get through the rest of the year. ($32 bucks total, give or take, for a years service).

    Its an option [​IMG]