Homebrew on N64 with Gameshark

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    A guy figured out how to load homebrew on N64 with the help of a Gameshark device (also sold in Europe under the name "Action Replay"). You need to source a Gameshark with parallel port and a specific usb to paraller adapter. Most gamesharks do not have a parallel port or they have a proprietary 25 pin interface, not compatible with parallel. It seems that you have to look for a Gameshark rev 3.1 or higher with lcd (there is a single digit lcd dysplay under a translucent window on the front of the cartridge).

    It's a cheapish way to load homebrew (cheaper than using a flash cart) on your N64 expecially if you already have a gameshark somewhere :-)

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    Nice. Missed that development, though suspected it was possible for some time.

    Not sure what version mine is but has a button, 7 segment and a port on the back. Though it might be a bricked one.