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Nov 27, 2006
can load the homebrew channel from the ds download play via Rosalina menu, but as soon as i select the fbi icon, the 3ds freezes to a black screen with the error i mentioned, all my homebrew icons on the home screen are missing.

i first installed the cfw without restoring all my files from my sd card backup thinking i was able to restore it later, proved to not be the case, i had to follow this guide found here;


and that worked all my data and current theme was back but the homebrew icons on the home menu had disappeared and i am unable to install .cia files anymore via the homebrew channel, also all icons in the homebrew channel are question marks with no icons no matter how many times i replace the 3dsx files

no i didn't merge the folders themselves i got my old folder (unique number and letters including contents in this folder) from my old sd card and brought the data WITHIN the folder with the current newly created folder created on my new micro sd card, this worked but this resulted in the homebrew icons on the home screen disappearing.

i also deleted the whole current Nintendo 3DS folder and restored from a backup of my old data i copied to a external and my data was intact like before but i was still not able to use the fbi app via the homebrew channel regardless of this change, the black screen and error code still persists, at this point i'm gonna sell this new 3ds xl for scraps on ebay

i can upload a dump file of the crash if needed
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