Homebrew Bounty Update Week -- CLOSED!!

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    It is now 12am GMT and the Homebrew Bounty's extra week has come to a close.

    Thank you to all of those who took the time to enter your project into the Homebrew Bounty. Our goal was to increase Homebrew awareness and to see the release of new and updated projects. We feel that we have been successful!

    Your goal was to put forth your best efforts to win a prize, and we can not get over the quality of the entries. All of the developers did a wonderful job and we are looking forward to the judging phase of this competition.

    Please feel free to continue to update your Homebrew threads. Users, please feel free to continue to comment, discuss, and report bugs. If any projects become officially maintained somewhere else, developers, please include a link to the new on-going discussion.

    Judging will begin shortly, but we expect it to take a few weeks (if not longer). We will be inviting select members of our community to cast their vote, as well as the staff. We are paying attention to the discussion threads so you may consider your comments (both bad and good) as a way to cast a community wide vote.

    Good luck to all!

    -Another World
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    Yes, the above necrobump is stupid but god how I wish the homebrew bounty would return. We need it now more than ever to jumpstart the fledgling 3ds and WiiU homebrew scenes. :(
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