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    A pretty poor week for home console & PC owners but then its a chance to play those games you never got a chance to play. PC written by Tjas, Wii by me and 260/PS2/PS3 by VVoltz. The DS/PSP thread is linked in my sig.

    Read to know when a game could be dumped:
    These dates are what retailers say is out unless stated otherwise, sometimes they make dates up for pre-ordering purposes. These dates could also be "shipping dates" which usually means that that's the date when games get shipped to stores so a game could either be in stores on that day or after. Some games may get delayed some others not listed may appear but at the moment of posting these are correct. Also just because a game is released in stores it doesn't mean that they'll appear on our internets but NA titles usually appear on our 'nets Wednesday night UK time. I love you with mouth.


    February 19th

    Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors

    Region: North America Genre: Action/RPG
    Developer: Genius Sonority Inc / Eighting Publisher: Square Enix

    Its finally out and apparently not worth the wait sadly, but if you got a spare disc then give it a try as reviewers are wrong at times. Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors is an exclusive title utilizes the Wii's motion-sensing controls as players use the Wii remote to slash, parry and blast their way through a land filled with trademark Dragon Quest foes.

    Video Link

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    Also out in the US is Pimp My Ride.

    February 21st

    Miburi and Teburi

    Region: Japan Genre: Crossword puzzler [​IMG]
    Developer: Sega Publisher: Sega

    Apparently this is a crossword game with charades and cosplay...yeah. It looks fun and by the looks of things the people dance about in gay outfits and you've gotta guess what they are telling you.

    Video Link

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    Winning Eleven Play Maker 2008 aka Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

    Region: Japan Genre: Footy
    Developer: Konami Publisher: Konami

    Finally Nintendo owners get a decent Pro Evo/Winning Eleven game (well one that's not in Japanese). Out in the US & Europe in March this game is apparently awesome. Using a point and drag system, the player uses the Wii Remote to guide the player with the ball, and perform all the skill moves and close control with subtle movements of their hand. The new system gives the player full control over their team, and allows the man marking of specific threats, while shakes of the Wii Nunchuk can be used to perform sliding tackles, and send the goal keeper out to clear a loose ball. The strategic elements are also easily accessed, with the directional controls of the Wii Remote used to activate tactical plays and spring counter attacks or send players tracking back. Full Mii support is also present, and users can integrate up to 16 pre-defined Miis into a team, while the ever-changing teams can be stored on to the Wii Remote and switched between two linked Remotes. PES 2008 also has an online element, allowing users to play Free Matches against unknown opponents, or Friend Matches against people on the Wii’s Friends list. Team data can also be sent to friends via the console’s WiiConnect24 system. Jesus Konami can you give DS owners something this good next?

    Video Link

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    February 19th

    Dance Dance Revolution Extreme

    Region: North America Genre: Rhythm Game
    Developer: KCET Publisher: Konami

    Yes!, the 823th game in the series!. Uh?, well, thinking of it, this is only like the 4th one, because it was released in 2004 in the US (the Greatest Hits edition is the one being re released). But the truth is that this one was not so sucky, with Eye Toy support. It features a couple of new minigame that support you moving in front of the TV a la party (so the name Party Mode).

    Video Link

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    February 21st

    Last Escort 2: Shinya no Amai Toge

    Region: Japan Genre: Dating Game
    Developer: D3 Publisher: D3

    Tired of living your own problems!, try a dating sim, there you get to experience other people problem's as your own!
    I had no idea about this game, only that features a girl and and a bunch of guys.

    NiGHTS into Dreams (Nightopia Dream Pack)

    Region: Japan Genre: Dreaming (drug effect) simulato
    Developer: Sega / Sonic Team Publisher: Sega

    Follow the adventures of Night, an androgynous character that loves to fly around. Yes, this is the remake of the original Saturn title, while not so sure about the Nightopia Dream Pack stuff, it has been announced that this game will also ship with an Illustrations Book. There is also a rumor that this game is gonna include the Christmas Nights, a stand alone expansion pack with Xmas levels and the chance to unlock Sonic and run instead of fly (sigh). This one seem like a must buy for Sega and Saturn fanatics.

    Video Link

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    Pachinko Kamen Rider: Shocker Zenmetsu Daisakusen

    Region: Japan Genre: Pachinko machine simulator
    Developer: Hack Berry Publisher: Hack Berry

    One of Hadrians dark secrets is his addiction to Pachinko machines, in fact, he actually lost his 360 because gambling. (Lies!! Its was because of French prostitutes - Hadrian)

    February 22nd

    Iridium Runners

    Region: Europe Genre: Racing
    Developer: Playstos Entertainment Publisher: SouthPeak Interactive

    A futuristic racing game. Puts you in the cockpit of a.... whata?, puts you in the shoes of a guy that guess what: runs!. Well, Gamespot calls it a mix between Mario Kart and Wipeout, VVoltz calls it a mix between an old PSX game called Running Wild and Pepsiman for the PSX too. The only good thing to write about this one is that is gonna be released for a limited price of 24 Euros (what's that in real money? - Hadrian).

    Video Link


    February 22nd

    CABAL Online

    Region: US Genre: Online RPG
    Developer: Haemimont Publisher: Kalypso

    What kind of game name is this? CABAL, sounds as some kind of Arabic word! But no, it’s an MMO based on this story..: Long ago; the CABAL cleansed the land with fury and destruction. Amidst the needless devastation, seven great masters of Force Power led the remaining survivors to rebuild. Now, almost a thousand years later, the CABAL are puppeteering the evil again, breeding a child to be king and once again cleanse the land. It is up to you to face the invaders of Nevareth and uncover the conspiracy behind it...

    Video Link

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    February 22nd

    Imperium Romanum

    Region: Europe Genre: RTS
    Developer: Haemimont Publisher: Kalypso

    The developer of imperium Romanum Haemimont Games AD has stated that the game is focused on the Roman history. The developer payed a lot of attention on details, they tried to make the buildings look like the real thing. Imperium Romanum puts the player in the role of a governor of a province, where he or she must strive to build a well organized, prosperous and commanding settlement. Set in the time of the Roman Empire at its peak, players will marvel at the incredible attention to detail as they construct fortifications, towers, gates and bridges, while paying for them with a new currency. Imperium Romanum is a challenging, enjoyable, and authentic quest to rule the world. Maybe finally a good pc game on the horizon? (What about Devil May Cry 4? - Hadrian)

    Video Link

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    Agon; The Lost Sword of Toledo

    Region: Europe Genre: Adventure
    Developer: Private Moon Studios Publisher: Kalypso

    From the same developers as Imperium Romanum they bring us Agon; The lost sword of Toledo. The new instalment of the ‘’exciting’’ AGON adventure-saga will take place in the dawn of the 20th century in the time-honoured and historical Spanish town of Toledo. Once ruled by Romans and Visigoths, Toledo has a rich history, making it the ideal setting for the story of Professor Samuel Hunt and his intriguing adventure to discover the legendary "Sword of Toledo". The Professor arrives in the picturesque Spanish city, where time seems to pass by more slowly. Becoming aware of strange goings-on about him, Professor Hunt is involved in the search to find the mysterious "Sword of Toledo", which has been considered lost for many years. Thus, a new adventure starts for the British Professor..." Maybe something for you guys.. I’m skipping this one!

    Video Link

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    Also the PC version of The Club is out in the US on the 19th.


    February 19th

    Dynasty Warriors 6

    Region: North America Genre: Beat-em-up
    Developer: Omega Force Publisher: Koei

    After featuring gigantic Gundam robots the franchise returns to it's Three Kingdoms roots. This beat'em up promises to deliver a multitude of enhancements: HD graphics, more than 5 times the amount of on screen enemies, a new mosou mode, new animations, better weapons and over all a game developed specifically for the next gen consoles. Well, doesn't sound much is it?, well, really it isn't for those who have played the games over and over know that while it becomes repetitive fast there is something so fun in the whole idea of wackin' thousands of baddies that is hard to explain. Video & pics form PS3 version.

    Video Link

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    Fifa Street 3

    Region: North America Genre: Footy
    Developer: EA Sports BIG Publisher: EA

    It was a long while since FIFA Street 2. For those who don't remember (or don't care about football/soccer) Street features a 4vs.4 arcade style. The first thing to notice about Street 3 is the cartoon look of all the players, IMO it gives it a really Arcade feel that works wonders. The new animations are also a welcome addition, and as usual, the second analog stick is used the perform those fantastic dribbles that earns you some juice to the Gamebreaker bar; speaking of which, has been changed again, this time you can do power shots as long as the bar is full after having activated the Gamebreaker. Good 4 player matches await! (Too bad there is no support for up to six players on the PS3). Screens from the 360 version.

    Video Link

    Click to enlarge pics:

    History Channel: Battle for the Pacific
    PS2/PS3/360/PC (also previously on Wii)

    Region: North America Genre: FPS
    Developer: Activsion Publisher: Activsion

    Sub par FPS shooter. If this game was a guy, he would be 42, fat, stinky and would be working helping bag in a Latino Market. (so I am this game? - Hadrian)

    Video Link

    An open letter by Tjas

    What am I waiting for?
    In slow weeks like these it’s nice to think about games that are yet to come, a game I am personally looking forward to is No more heroes. No more heroes? Isn’t it.. Released yet? Yes my friends it is.. but not in Europe (you know that part of the world where games always get screwed?). Even though the Ntsc version has been released it was not patchable and therefore not available for pal gamers ?. The game has been talked about a lot, some say the best 3rd party effort for the wii yet and other write it of as good but lacking in several factors. The only thing that bothers me is that there will be no blood in the pal version.. But this is a fact that can’t be changed.. I even wrote to the publisher of No more heroes in Europe:

    Dear mr/miss
    Just a little side note, there is no way in talking you guys into releasing the US verion (with blood) in europe?

    Keep up the good work!

    This was the reaction;

    Dear Tjas
    Thanks for your e-mail.
    The decision was taken right from the beginning of the development process for there to be two versions of No More Heroes: the Japanese / European version and the American one. We were never going to publish the American version. I’ve just spend two weeks on a promotional tour with Suda 51. He actually prefers the Japanese / European version himself!

    Well, this kind of triggered me to forget the censor that was going on until I read an interview with suda 51 in which he stated that the American version was his real vision on the game… LAME! Yet again the pal gamers get screwed and on top of that No more heroes has been pushed back again… the new release date will be 7-03-2008… O well, I still really want to play this game! And maybe there is a very little chance that their there might be a patch released which makes the pal version uncensored! Probably won’t happen ?

    So, what are my fellow tempers looking forward to?
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    It makes me sad to say that I can't play any of these game...
    Great work as always Hadrian.
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    Well, my Wii is not modded.. so I'm looking to see people's reaction on the Wining Eleven controls.. the idea is great, now let's see if it works as good as it sounds..

    There was an old arcade/NES game called CABAL.. you went on a jungle shooting soldiers and stuff like that.. but it has nothing to do with this one, unfortunately.. [​IMG]
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    Hooray! PES at last!

    But I too am somewhat worried about the controls. Does anybody know, if it alternatively offers a classic gamepad setup?

    If the "Wiimote for the sake of Wiimote" controls don't work, it'd be nice to have something to fall back on. And even more importantly, I want to be able to play against my old PES pals, who don't have a Wii and are used to well-established PC/PS3/XBOX control setup. I assume that Wiimote controls will take some practice - even if they turn out to be great. And I don't see my friends (who don't have Wiis themselves for the most part) willing to spend hours on my console to learn the moves.
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    I thaught that was australia, where we get games a couple of weeks after europe and sometimes missing online play.

    but non the less, the only real interesting nonsoccer game this week is dq swords, and the waits been so long on that game that i have completely lost interest.
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    Nice work as usual Pal. You and TJas keep up the good work. =)
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    May I just add that the excellent N+ makes its way to Xbox Live Arcade for North American 360 owners on Wednesday. There are 450 levels, a built-in level editor for creating your own challenges, and online multiplayer in both co-op and competitive modes. It will be cost 800 points.

    You can try the PC version at the link below:

    The next thread will be combined with the handheld thread as I'm cutting the shovelware shit out and well, there's an awful lot of shovelware shit out next week. Should be posted sometime before next Monday, depends on what time I get.
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    I'm definitely gonna try this one! Just need to make sure it will run on my american console. [​IMG] (there should be a :yaywiimote:, but you got the message)
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    nights for the ps2 was out 4 days ago but Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors, hasn't been dumped yet.

    oh and if anyone wants to play nights on the ps2 it has a full english menu, just to let you know
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    Wow that is a shocking week, IMO of course.

    Oh well I've got Lost Odyssey to finish anyway.