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    Oct 27, 2015
    In my opinion, unless the VPK archive is small, I would personally not recommend saving the VPK to the vita card and depacking the VPK from the Vita Itself. Reasons are as follows.

    VITA CPU is very slow at depacking these ZIP files (In particular if they are >2gb in size)
    Perhaps it may even cause more wear and tear on the memory card
    Requires approximately double the storage on the memory card due to the VPK temporary residing there.

    FTP methods.
    Some VPK files can contain hundreds/thousands of files. Even if they are very small in size, it will take absolutely ages - in particular using Vita FTP installer. In the case of VPKs with may files within, probably faster method would be to save the VPK to the memory stick and depack from the Vita. Even though the VITA's CPU is slow, it will outfasten the latency in saving each individual file via FTP

    Hence for VPK's that consist of >500 files or so, probably faster to use the saving to VITA and unpacking from there.

    For large VPK's its probably faster to use FTP (if your connection is decent) as the decompression occurs via the PC and the data files are send uncompressed to the relevant area on the VITA.

    FTP Organiser seems to work rather well too.
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