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    I'm not great with introductions, but we'll see how this goes. The name's Danny. You can call me Wkratos, Kratos, or Danny. Anything works as long as it isn't insulting. I'm twenty, a male, By the way, the name isn't from the God of War. It's from Tales Of Symphonia, Kratos the Mercenary, if you've ever heard of him/the game. Not related to the God of War Kratos in anyway, nor is it even pronounced the same way. People seem to get that confused all the time. Before I go on any farther, I should explain a few things about me, I think you should know.

    1. I tend to type a lot of text...(When I say a lot, I mean, sometimes I kill topics because I type so much that no one is willing to read/respond to it. Beware. I am the self proclaimed "topic killer")

    2. I tend to go off topic too much if I talk about something for too long, and won't even realize it. This is usually when talking about "general" things like life or whatever.

    3. I'm stubborn as heck. I mean it. Don't worry, I'm not bad, I believe in following the rules and I'm strict, but not military-like strict like my dad.

    Now that that's out of the way, what else...oh yes. Well obviously, you know I'm into video games, otherwise I wouldn't have even signed up here in the first place. I'd list my favorites, but I'm afraid that might take like three paragraphs or more at least to put them all down. So I'll make it easier. I like "Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Fire Emblem, Golden Sun, Tales of Series, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Earthbound Series, Luminous Arc series, Kirby, Secret of Mana series, Chrono Trigger series, Super Smash Bros series, and probably 100+ other things. Big fan of games, and especially online playing..RPGs are my favorite types, for the most part. I'll play almost anything on the SNES as long as it's multiplayer. Especially a fan of side scrolling 2 player games that are co-op and you both play at the same (exact) time.

    Other than that, I'm also a fan of some anime, such as Bleach, Shakugan No Shana, the Tales of (anime), and about 20 other ones. I like writing stories, but most of the time I don't stick with them. The only one I have stuck with is a Golden Sun RP, which I've been doing with several people for about...3 years now. What else... Oh, I know a bit about emulation, like tweaking some of them to work for specific games, and a bunch of other random stuff that you'll eventually find out I know somewhere down the line. Anyway, I'm very much into emulation/hacking, especially in the Wii/DS/GBA sections, so I'll probably stick to them most of the time.
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