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Jun 21, 2007
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I'm really new to this, and I'm kind of stuck with the WAD Loader. I've read every sticky I could find, ran searches related to the software, but I'm still not quite able to get up and running.

Here's what I've got thus far:

1. Homebrew Channel successfully installed.
2. Homebrew Browser installed.
3. I downloaded several homebrew games and emus via the browser, and I've even been able to play some SNES back-ups using Snes9x.

Here's where I'm stuck:

1. I downloaded the latest version of the WAD Manager, created a folder called "wad" in the root directory of my SD card, renamed the .dol WAD Manager file to boot.dol and placed it in a folder called "wad manager" inside the "apps" folder on the root directory.
2. I can load WAD Manager from the Homebrew Channel, and I press the A button when it says ISO249.
3. After that I'm stuck. Nothing happens.

Most of what's out there in terms of tutorials seems to expect you to know various other steps or understand jargon and terms that, as a noob, I'm simply not familiar with yet. Can someone please get me on the path to Homebrew enlightenment?

Thanks a bunch!

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