Help with updating boot9strap to v1.2

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  1. mdg

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    Jan 6, 2009
    Help with updating boot9strap to v1.2

    I wonder if someone can help me i am trying to update my n3ds 11.0.0-33 boot9strap v1.0 to V1.2. Using the guide on I downloaded all the latest files Luma3DS, SafeB9SInstaller, boot9strap, GodMode9 and the Homebrew Launcher. And placed them in the right places on my SD card, copy boot.3dsx to the root of my SD Card, made a folder boot9strap and placed boot9strap.firm and boot9strap.firm.sha in it. Also place GodMode9.firm and SafeB9SInstaller.firm to D:\luma\payloads. Now i place the SD Card back into my n3ds and power on the system as the guide said Reboot holding (Start) during boot to launch the Luma3DS chainloader menu to load GodMode9, but thats not happening when holding start on boot. I get this message

    [PANIC] Failed to load the {DEFAULT] se
    Press any key to shutdown

    I am using Luma3DS 7.1 and boot9strap v1.0.

    Any help would be grateful
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  2. zaqqaz00

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    Jul 17, 2010
    United States
    Are you on B9S 1.0 or 1.1
    My pal was on 1.1 and kept getting error message on start+power on with luma 7.1
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