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    Hello guys.

    So I got a Wii from a friend to try saveing it. He gave me a Wii that was previously hacked. But unfortunly its not working. All it gives is a black screen. Probablly becouse he lost the SD with the files.

    I searched a little and got some files on a SD card, and it loaded. But just the BootMii screen. I tryed a nand BKP, with the file he had, but it didn't work, same result black screen, just loads the BootMii. I tryed to format with NAND Formatter by Conex, but it gives an error:

    Installing /wad/IOS61-"1.WAD
    File size: 1940064

    WAD install Failed!
    Something failed!

    I reboot and get the same thing, BootMii runs ok, but if I go to Wii or the homebrewchannel its just stuck in black screen.

    With the BootMii running is there a way to save this Wii?

    I have softmoded a Wii like 7 years ago successfuly, from the start, but i don't remember anything. And recently I did two A9LH install in two 3DS, so I am familiar with this. But I was away from Wii scene for so long that I don't know what to do.


    Additional information from
    BootMii > "Options" > "Info":

    BootMii v1.1
    Stubi v1.5
    Mini v1.1
    Console ID: ????
    SysMenu 4.1U boot1b boot2v4
    NAND FS usage: 13.2%

    And Wii info:

    Model NO.RVL-001(USA)

    And I just realised that the Serial Number is not the same as the box, and the warrant seal on the console is violated, and just ejected a CD that don't apear to be origginal so maybe it is hardmoded too.

    Edit II:

    I downloaded the files from this video: I know the video sux, but it got me furder.
    And got MMM Multi-Mod-MAnager v13.2 running, but can't format becouse the wiimote wont connect, the video says to go to WAD Manager and press 1 but I can't get the WiiMote to work just the GC controller. Messing with the menus I got the HBchannel installed. Don't know how to proceed formating without the WiiMote. What can I do?
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    Greetings! Asfar as with your original problem I don't really have a clue, so I can't gurantee it'll work but since you have bootmii boot2 your not fully screwed atleast.

    Asfar as your wiimote problem in MMM goes, it might be due to you having a Motion plus remote, or perhaps a third party one, MMM is an old program and thus has bad controller support. You're fine using a Gamecube controller, the only thing the button 1 does is installing all the WAD files in the folder you've navigated to. So you can go ahead and use a gamecube controller anyway just press A to installer each WAD individually, might take a litle longer but It's not that big of a deal!

    Good Luck!