Help with rxTools devmode!!

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  1. GaryPwns

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    Jan 22, 2016
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    Okay so my o3DS is on Ver. 5.1.0-11U. Ive launched rxtools and have everything setup. Ive even injected FBI into my Health and Safety App.
    My problem is that no matter what rxTools version I use, I cannot load 'Pasta or Devmode".
    I have used rxtools 2.5.2, 3.0, and the latest nightly build.
    Im trying to update to 9.0 (I have the update files and sysUpdater.cia files),
    but Im stuck once I try to open devmode to install sysUpdater and update my sysNAND.
    Im updating so I can install HomeMenuHax and CtrBootManager to autoboot rxTools into emunand.

    Anyone know any alternatives to rxTools or what can I do to update/ fix this issue?
  2. sebastienFR

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    Feb 10, 2016
    hey!! I have got exactely same issue...Seems very rare.
    My o3DS is 5.1 (updated from 2.2 cia game cartridge), can launch RxTools, can inject FBI (at least I suppose since I cannot check), but cannot reboot in Devmode. So no Sysupdater...
    Did you solve your issue?
    Seems like incompatibilty with 5.1 and Devmode. What if you update to something above or below ?
    Thanks for your feedback
  3. Manuel9181

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    May 26, 2015
    You should try to downgrade to 4.x using the gateway launcher + gateway downgrade pack and from there try to enter into devmode/pastamode to update to 9.0-9.2.