help with my bricked wii

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by pete-za, Dec 26, 2010.

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    Dec 26, 2010
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    My cousin was trying to play Fifa 11 on my wii but it didn't want to work(i'm guessing because my wii wasn't up to date) and he started messing around with it and I think he updated the wii, effectively killing it [​IMG]. Now evertime i turn on the wii it goes straight to preloader and it sais that system menu could not be loaded because it's corrupted.

    What I have:
    • preloader 0.28
    • Homebrew Channel (maybe, read below)
    When i tried to load hombrew channel from preloader it sais it could not be loaded and from what i've been reading when you update your wii it deletes the hombrew channel but i'm not sure if thats what happened to mine. Is there any way to fix the system menu and if not is there any way to at least play my backup and original games without the system menu.

    PS. I didn't back up my Wii's NAND (if it matters since I don't even know what NAND is, I just read it somewhere)
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    He may have done a wii system format removing your HBC and causing your issue with the system menu. You can try to load the HBC from preloader with, just extract to sd:\ load preloader, click load/install, load the HBC forwarder.

    To fix your wii you need to reinstall ios60-v6174, reinstall system menu 4.1, reinstall priiloader. You need the ios60-v6174.wad, SM 4.1 wad for your region, Multi-Mod Manager, and priiloader installer.
    Put the wads in sd:\wad
    But MMM boot.dol on sd:\
    Install priiloader installer to sd:\apps

    Load preloader, click load/install, load MMM boot.dol
    Select reloader another ios and choose ios250
    Select wad manager, install ios60-v6174, install SM 4.1
    Load the MMM app manager by pressing 2, launch priiloader
    Priiloader should load on ios250, press + to install