Hacking Help with getting Wii to autoboot into Gamecube IPL?


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Apr 22, 2012
I've looked around online and there's been like 3 or 5 threads saying the you can boot into the IPL with Swiss on the Wii (not that I particularly want to use Swiss) but I've not seen anything about getting it to either autoload when Swiss loads or to have it load by itself with Nintendont on a real Wii. I grabbed Priiloader and was going to experiment with the Wii Swiss Loader to see if I could get Swiss to load then autoload the IPL for when I feel like using the Wii to explicitly play Gamecube games from boot and bypass the System Menu and any use of Wiimotes.

Swiss doesn't seem to support loading the IPL since it's a bin file and not a dol, but the places I saw online said you have to get a DOL version of the IPL. But I've seen nothing about this and don't know if it's even possible for Swiss to load it. Again, if Nintendon't can boot straight into it that would be great too, I don't want to use Swiss + SDGecko for backups on a Wii since.... I mean, I have Nintendont.

TL;DR - I want to have the Wii boot straight into the Gamecube BIOS and use it as a glorified Gamecube, how can I get it to do so?
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Dec 3, 2009
you could possibly re-purpose one of my projects:
Both nintendont_default_autobooter.dol and nintendont_force_4_by_3_autobooter.dol would do something very similar to what you want, while I designed those files specifically for wiiu, they would boot a real disc currently inserted on a real wii, so as long as you had the ipl bin and nintendont dol on sd card, it would basically boot up like a gamecube does when you insert a disc and when you boot your console without a disc inserted nintendont will just tell you to make sure a disc is inserted, you cant boot the ipl without anything to load.
All you really need to get it installed in priiloader would be something like this:
place those 2 folders into your "apps" folder on your sd card, in priiloader you'll see both pop up and saying that AHBPROT is available which is important for nintendont, then you can just install the one you want (see github for details) and set priiloader to boot the installed file. Note that to get the best possible bootup speed to also maybe insert some shitty usb flashdrive or something like that in the back, nintendont always tries to mount both sd and usb with a 15 second timeout so if both are present on boot you will actually get a acceptable startup time. Just tested it with a burned disc and it took 20 seconds from me inserting it to the gc bios appearing and starting up the game. Probably half of that time was just waiting for the disc to spin up and get identified.
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