1. Holli12345

    OP Holli12345 Newbie

    Aug 26, 2018
    Hello folks,

    iam in need for some help with setting up my new Gemma m0 payload-loader. It would be great if someone can confirming my recent steps and advise the next steps to flash the Gemma m0.

    So this is the situation:

    I used this guide "sam-fusee-launcher-interna on GitHub" (as a new member I can't post links) for setting up my Gemma m0.
    I had success in upload the software (Software installation) and now iam unsure what to do next. The quote guide tells me to upload the payload. But iam not sure how to do this. I converted the recent Hekate CTC 4.0 into a ".h" file. Do I have to simply transfer this to my Gemma? I read about, that I have to altere the main.io but on my Gemma there is no main.io file.

    A little help would be very great.

    Thanks a lot!
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