Help with a side project, Nor and Nand?

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    I am thinking of purchasing an e3 Nor Flasher and a used ps3 slim as a side project and restore it. There are several good videos around that show how to install the solderless flasher and use it but none that describe what the various options on the flasher are or which options need to be used.

    I just have a couple of questions if anyone is around who has been through this before.

    1) How do you know if your ps3 requires a Nor or Nand flasher?

    2) Do you have to install any software ONTO the flasher once you get it or does it come with the proper (3.55) firmware?

    3) Are there any good tutorials or websites that might answer these (and future) questions?

    Any insight into this would be appreciated, thank you.
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    1) There's a few photos around, but the simple method is:


    All slims = NOR

    Anything over CECH2501B though can't be downgraded. Run the minimum firmware check tool to verify that the lowest OFW that can be install is < 3.55.

    2) Sometimes they come with the software preinstalled or need updated. Though I think your mistaken, OFW 3.55 has nothing to do with the flasher. Basically you'll dump your current flash to the microSD on the e3 flasher. You'l'l then need to patch/byte reverse the dump and flash it back to the console. (You'll still be on the same FW except that now the downgrade check has been patched out). You can then install OFW 3.55 from a USB stick. From there once you're on OFW 3.55, you can install CFW of your choice. There's a lot of ways to go about it.

    3) Excellent guide:
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