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    Recently I bought a Playstation TV so I can Henkaku it and do some stuff, but I'd like to transfer some save data from my PSVita. So I'm trying to send my save data via QCMA of my original game and save. I cannot open the game as I though so I downloaded a dump. When I switched the covers the save "got corrupted" but If I delete the backup save from the transfer the game opens normally.

    I found a method that was used to persona 4 gold, by switching eboots with mollecular shell and copying the save as it should be unencrypted, I can get into the game but all the 3 save slots got corrupted.

    Can you guys help me out?
    My PS Vita is a Slim 3.63 and my Playstation TV is 3.60 running TaiHen (if I am correct)
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