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    Jan 31, 2016
    Hello everybody, I have follow this page sice .... mmm many years ago, you have help me alot with your FAQ, tutorial, etc. The reason I create this post is because I don´t found any post that can help me, and hope you can give me an advice.-

    My problem.-
    a) I had an Old 3ds some time ago, but it kind a ... died, but in that o3ds I bought 3 games from the eshop (pokemon x, pokemon omega ruby & smash bros.) and what to recover my saves, the only things that i have from that 3ds is the SD cards, the titles are US.

    My new 3ds.-
    a) I bought a new 3ds with has.-
    a) Native firmware 9.2 (just downgrade it)
    b) Reiemunand 10.5
    c) I already download the gam,es from the eshop.

    What i have try.-
    a) Copy/paste the games from the old sd card to the new one and try to extract the save with SaveDataFiler, but i didn´t find the idtitles (for this try i haven´t download the games yet)

    hope you can help me. thanks
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