help: problems with my NANDs on Plailect guide

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  1. billyyy

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    Apr 29, 2016
    hi guys, first of all, just wanna say thank you all for your contributions to the 3DS community.
    there are many ppl, like myself, who appreciate it but just didnt post it here. :)

    so, here's my situation;

    i was following Plailect's guide for A9LH.
    - i did everything as according, downgrade, install homebrew until reached Part 3 step 6, installing RedNAND.
    - i accidentally deleted the supposed saved files to put back into the SDcard for completing RedNAND setup so i tried savaging from what has remained.. kinda made things worst..
    - problem now is i have both SysNAND and RedNAND in my SDcard now but i somehow did not have the TinyFormat files in my SysNAND to reformat it. (its in my EMUNAND tho)
    - What should i do now guys? i would like to restart/reformat my SDcard back to before (part 3) where i did the NANDs. How do i do it?
    -Should I reformat my SD card and start again?

    How do i go back to just 1 sysNAND again? reformat sdcard? i wanna start over part 3.
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