Help or tips?(outside scholarships?)

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May 24, 2015
United States
I've been accepted to a college in indiana(im puerto rican btw.) And they gave me only 1 scholarship due to my 4.0 GPA.
The total of the tutition is 40k per year and the scholarship only gives me 17k per year. I really want to go to this college but my parents dont think i could go due to the money i still need to pay.
The guy who invited and accepted me in, told me about "outside scholarships". I dont really know what the concept means. Is there any tips how i could get them?


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Nov 21, 2005
United Kingdom
To answer the question of the OP then "outside scholarships" are small grants and the like which various people, foundations and more offer. There are any number of reasons you might qualify for one but the usual one are someone from where you are from makes it big and wants to help others from there, they then give a sum to a foundation/charity/whatever and that tests and hands out accordingly. Other than where you are from things include money your parents and you have, colour of your skin, course/subject you are doing, grades you got in school, diseases you might have (obviously big ones are things like dyslexia but there are loads), things you might have done in earlier in life (won a prize in a science contest...), military service counts for a lot in the US, and some truly ridiculous reasons (silly online list article once mentioned one for being tall).

It gets complex as it can compete with financial aid, may change how financial aid works (get so much outside and we will boost the aid) and more besides. The college/university in question might maintain a list of them, there are various websites also covering lots and you may have to find them as not all advertise what goes (just like normal charities really).

On loans then they are a thing, most of the stuff I hear about the US is predatory and horrific (I would not have done university had I been subject to US conditions, and I could probably have afforded it and technically did a "useful" degree) but the federal ones seem the better choice there. Either way run the numbers, know how to calculate interest and make sure you are not going to get in over your head when all is said and done.

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