Help me with thenewpoketext!

Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by lauruns, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. lauruns

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    Oct 16, 2009

    When I make a new rom (mkrom) with thenewpoketext, he doesn't work! It has 0 Kb... But what have I don rong?

    I did this :

    - Download thenewpoketext
    - Put the HG rom in that folder
    - Put NDStool and DSbuff in the folder
    - I opened "thenewpoketext.exe"
    - Typed the rom name (PokHG.nds) by "Romname :"
    - There came a new folder "tmp_PokHG"
    - I go into the folder,in 'root', in 'a' in '0', in '2' en I had copy '7'
    - I go back to 'root' and I go into 'msgdata'. I pasted '7' and renamed it to 'msg.narc'
    - I go back to 'thenewpoketext.exe' and typed 'getall HGtext.xml'
    - There came 'HGtext.xml' in thenewpoketext folder
    - I did not translate anyting!
    - I did not patched it back! I just had the original 'msg.narc'!
    - I had copy the 'msg.narc'
    - I removed the '7' in : thenewpoketext/tmp_PokHG/root/a/0/2 and I pasted 'msg.narc'
    - I renamed 'msg.narc' to '7'
    - I typed in thenewpoketext : mkrom HG2.nds
    - The new rom, HG2.nds, had 0 Kb and doesn't work!

    What have I don wrong?