[HELP] KH:BBS - cwcheat

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    May 5, 2009
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    I am running 6.20 PRO-B5 on PSP 3k and I don;t know which version of cwcheat to use and I really don't know how to install them.
    This is the code I am willing to activate but all my attempts failed. What this does is increase the Battle level of worlds on KH:BBS. My Terra file was apparently glitch and Radiant Garden combat lvl stays at lv 6 (it should be lv 10) So I am asking for help if someone can teach me on how to enable this code. Thank you.

    _S ULUS-10505
    _G Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep [USA]
    _C0 All Worlds BL 10
    _L 0x01725645 0x0000000D
    _L 0x01725646 0x00000008
    _L 0x01725647 0x00000008
    _L 0x01725648 0x00000008
    _L 0x01725649 0x00000008
    _L 0x0172564A 0x0000000A
    _L 0x0172564C 0x00000008
    _L 0x0172564D 0x00000009
    _L 0x0172564F 0x00000009
    _L 0x01725650 0x00000007
    _L 0x01725651 0x0000000A